All King Pin hats are designed and built from scratch, beginning with your head measurement to choosing your felt and trim.

The felts come in wool or fur, which are usually rabbit or hare felt. There are different textures and finishes in felts including a brushed, textured type called Melusine, Mohair finish or animal print. Your King Pin Hat can be as tame or wild as you wish!

The trims which adorn the hat can be plain and simple or a statement piece made from crocodile skin embossed leather to shot gun shell ends or striking feathers. King Pin can put a new and edgy slant on the traditional men’s hat, with updated shapes, current fabrics and trims to create your own signature look.

We work with clients all over the world designing unique one off hats. Appointments are available if you need a one to one consultation, with a deposit required when outside of the West Yorkshire area.

Contact King Pin now to arrange an appointment and get started on your own bespoke hat.